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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100. Exclusions Apply.

Ultimate Upgrade: 7+1 For Penn Senator 4/0 113H/HL/HLW

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Convert Your 3-Stack or 5-Stack to the Ultimate 7+1 Drag System

7+1 Utimate upgrade increases the number of drag washers (3) or (5) to 7 using thinner keyed and eared washers. By doing this it increases the reels stock lock-down drag. This kit is compatible with Penn Senator 4/0 113H series reels.

Kit Contents

  • 2x Thick Carbontex Drag Washers
  • 5x Carbontex Drag Washers
  • 1x Under-Gear Carbontex Drag Washer
  • 4x Stainless Steel Keyed Washers
  • 3x Stainless Steel Eared Washers

Compatible with Penn: Senator 113H / 113HL / 113HLW

Compatibility issue and solution with Pro Challenger Stainless Steel 4:1 Gear & Pinion for Penn 113H. The ear slots on Pro Challenger gears are a bit narrower than standard stock gears, so the Ultimate Upgrade eared washers may not fit properly. The solution is to file down the ears on the eared washers a small amount until a proper fit is achieved.