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  • from $ 9.99

    Yo-Zuri HD Carbon 100% Fluorocabon Leader Pink

    100% Fluorocarbon leader in disappearing pink that is practically invisible underwater. Superior abrasion resistance with very low stretch and memory.

    from $ 9.99
  • from $ 7.39

    J-Line Fluorocarbon Leader

    100% Fluorocarbon. Made in Japan.

    from $ 7.39
  • from $ 7.39

    J-Line Sakura Fluorocarbon Leader

    100% Fluorocarbon. Made in Japan.

    from $ 7.39
  • from $ 8.79

    Ande Monofilament Leader Clear

    A low stretch, high strength, abrasion resistant leader. Made in Germany.

    from $ 8.79
  • from $ 15.99

    Daiwa J-Fluoro Leader

    J-FLUORO LEADER is the true 100% Fluorocarbon Leader Material Made in Japan by the most precise line extruders in the world, the consistency of the...

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    from $ 15.99
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    from $ 4.49

    Tokuryo Shock Leader

    Clear monofilament with fluorocarbon coating

    from $ 4.49
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  • from $ 4.99

    Malin Hard-Wire Stainless Steel Leader

    Tournament Grade fishing wire.

    from $ 4.99
  • from $ 7.99

    Tokuryo GT Fluorocarbon Leader

    100% clear fluorocarbon

    from $ 7.99
  • $ 24.99

    Aquahunters Super Stealth Nickel Titanium Fishing Wire

    Super Stealth nickel titanium fishing wire is what you need to catch all pelagic species including Wahoo, Tuna, Dorado, and Billfish. Don't get cut...

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    $ 24.99
  • from $ 11.99

    Jinkai Monofilament Leader

    The dynamic process by which Jinkai is produced and precise blending of just the right nylons are the secrets that have unleashed a line with extra...

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    from $ 11.99
  • from $ 3.49

    AFW Tooth Proof Stainless Steel Single Strand Leader

    30ft coil Stainless Steel Torsion Straightened Corrosion Resistant Perfect for Toothy Fish

    from $ 3.49
  • from $ 19.99

    Jinkai Fluorocarbon Leader

    Jinkai Fluorocarbon is a very low visibility leader that was designed to give anglers a greater advantage in catching leader-shy fish. With a speci...

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    from $ 19.99
  • from $ 3.49

    AFW Surflon Nylon Coated 1x7 Stainless Leader

    Surflon 1x7 is a great all-around leader wire for toothy fish. This wire is AFW's Surfstrand 1x7 stainless steel with a smooth coating of nylon. A ...

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    from $ 3.49