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Nitta Dead Bait Rig Kit (Gen 3)

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Game changers in dead bait rigging, Nitta's R3 Front Rig Gen3 , and N3 Harness, are now available in a single package. The R3 Front rig "resurrects" dead bait and is the only rig that enables you to adjust hook placement at any time with just a twist. The N3 Harness requires no puncturing of the bait and keeps the hook outside the body of the fish, allowing bait to last impressively longer. Another added feature of the GEN 3 is the option of rigging a hook on the head of the bait.

Contents include: R3 Front Rig (Gen 3), N3 Harness, Triangular R3 Adapter, 80 to 600lb Compression Fitting, N3 Harness Ties, and N3 Harness Bands.