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Nitta Bait Rig Starter Kit

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Just add bait! Nitta's R3 Front Rig, N3 Harness, and B-Zips are now available in a pre-rigged starter kit with a 7/0 J-Hook and 150lb test leader line.

The R3 Front Rig "resurrects" dead bait and is the only rig that enables you to adjust hook placement at any time with just a twist. The N3 Harness requires no puncturing of the bait and keeps the hook outside the body of the fish, allowing bait to last impressively longer. The B-Zip is the world's first bridle needle and zip tie in one, eliminating the need for rusty needles and bridling material.

Contents include: R3 Front Rig, N3 Harness, Triangular R3 Adapter, Compression Fitting, N3 Harness Ties, N3 Harness Bands, B-Zips, and pre-rigged 150lb leader with 7/0 J-hook.