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Jinkai Fluorocarbon Leader

Original price $ 19.99 - Original price $ 87.99
Original price
$ 19.99
$ 19.99 - $ 87.99
Current price $ 19.99
Size: 15lb / 50yds

Jinkai Fluorocarbon is a very low visibility leader that was designed to give anglers a greater advantage in catching leader-shy fish.

With a specific gravity of 1.78, fluorocarbon sinks faster in water than other conventional leaders. Fluorocarbon has excellent transparency, becoming almost invisible in water. With a Refractive Index of 1.42, fluorocarbon comes closer to the 1.33 Refractive Index of water than any other leader material.

Fluorocarbon does not absorb water as nylon line does; its strength is the same, wet or dry. Jinkai Fluorocarbon leader has excellent impact strength, knot strength, and abrasion resistance, holding up well fish after fish.

  • 15 to 60lb available in 50 yard dispensers
  • 80 to 400lb available in 33 yard coils