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Hi-Seas Grand Slam Aluminum Sleeves

Original price $ 2.49 - Original price $ 2.49
Original price
$ 2.49
$ 2.49 - $ 2.49
Current price $ 2.49
Size: K 0.7mm 50pc

These Tournament Grade Sleeves are manufactured to exacting tolerances and are the crimp of choice for use with monofilament. Extruded from the perfect alloy so they will compress consistently without cracking, these sleeves are sized to match the diameter of Grand Slam Mono Leader.

Size I.D. Max Line Size Monofilament
A 3.3mm up to 3.2mm 600lb
B 2.8mm up to 2.7mm 500lb
C 2.3mm up to 2.2mm 400lb
D 2.0mm up to 1.9mm 250 to 300lb
E 1.7mm up to 1.6mm 200lb
F 1.5mm up to 1.4mm 150lb
G 1.3mm up to 1.2mm 130lb
H 1.2mm up to 1.1mm 100lb
I 1.0mm up to 0.9mm 60 to 80lb
J 0.8mm up to 0.7mm 50lb
K 0.7mm up to 0.6mm 40lb