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G. Loomis IMX-PRO Steelhead Spinning

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Model: IMX-PRO 1174-2S STR

Steelheading isn't a pastime. It's an obsession. Forged from experience, passion — and often a healthy pinch of optimism — hardened steelhead anglers in North America's Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and Great Lakes Region slog through extreme weather swings and volatile river conditions to intercept these elusive migratory rainbow trout. Because no two steelhead rivers are the same, each fishery requires a unique application of tactics, techniques, and specialized tackle to slide the odds of interaction into the angler's favor.

IMX-PRO STEELHEAD is a curated collection of cast, spin, float, and centerpin actions built to meet the performance requirements of modern steelheading. Hand-rolled in Woodland, Washington, rod designers tuned each model to the exacting specifications of top professional steelhead guides to ensure that regardless of location or situation, the IMX-PRO STEELHEAD series possesses the specific tools to secure success on the water.

  • Multi-Taper Design
  • Fuji Alconite Guides
  • Fuji Reel Seat
Model Reel Type Length Power Action Line Rating Lure Rating Guides Sections Weight
IMX-PRO 1174-2S STR Spinning 9ft 9in Heavy Moderate Fast 10 to 20lb 3/8 to 1-1/2oz 9+1 2 7.5oz

Since 1982, G. Loomis has pushed the boundaries of manufacturing technology, materials innovation, and product design. That’s why G. Loomis rods deliver superior performance, heightening angler experience and effectiveness on the water. While there are countless examples of this philosophy in action, one technology in particular encapsulates their drive to build the most advanced rods in the world: Multi-Taper Design.

Multi-Taper Design is best described as a series of “micro-tapers” within the overall taper of the rod. This unique, proprietary process allows G. Loomis to use more material on potential break points and less material everywhere else. To accomplish this, they have manufactured a custom rolling table...and it’s the only one in existence today. The result is a catalog of precisely defined actions that strike a perfect balance between durability and performance.