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DUO Realis Fangpop

$ 14.99
    DUO Realis Fangpop
    Versatile and Tough. Bring the Beasts up to the Surface!
    After conquering shallow and deep waters with Fangbaits, Fang Ops is ready to rule the surface too. Introducing FangPop, the new topwater master. Even with light twitching, FangPop splashes the water well accompanied by a sweet pop sound to attract the predators to reach out. Versatile enough to be used for GT-style popping, straight fast retrieve as well as staging a crisp walk the dog, FangPop proves it’s all-rounder status. Being fully wired-through at that, it makes it the only one of its kind. Get ready to call the beasts to meet you at the surface.Fangpop 120
    Length 120mm (4-3/4")
    Weight 30g (1-1/8oz)
    Fangpop 105
    Length 105mm (4-1/8")
    Weight 24.5g (7/8oz)