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Shimano Orca Flash Boost

Original price $ 22.99 - Original price $ 39.99
Original price
$ 39.99
$ 22.99 - $ 39.99
Current price $ 39.99
Model: 148g / 200mm Floating
Color: Blue Sardine

The SP-ORCA FB comes equipped with Shimano's revolutionary Flash Boost technology. Flash Boost technology allows the lure to constantly emit an attractive flash, even on the pause. This lure also comes equipped with through wire construction, 3X size hooks and split rings, and Shimano's Propulsion Weight Transfer System for increased casting distance.

  • Flash Boost Technology
  • Propulsion Weight Transfer System
  • Kyorin Finish
  • Through Wire Construction
  • 3X Size Hooks and Split Rings
Flash Boost

Shimano's innovative and revolutionary Flash Boost Technology is engineered to constantly emit a fish-attracting flash during the retrieve, even on the pause. Flash Boost Technology suspends foil on small springs inside a clear section of the lure body with placement and action designed to mimic the movements and flash of an injured baitfish.

Propulsion Weight Transfer System

Shimano's Propulsion Weight Transfer System is designed to increase casting distance by up to 22% when compared to a lure of similar weight and dimensions. The system allows an internal weight to slide to the back of the lure during casting and then springs forward when the lure hits the water, rebalancing the lure for consistent and lifelike action when retrieving.


Shimano's Kyorin finish offers an unparalleled lifelike scale pattern to Shimano's lineup of lures that is guaranteed to fool any fish.

Through Wire Construction

Shimano's Through-Wire Construction utilizes a single strand of wire through the lure body to connect the line-tie eyelet to the hook hangers for increased durability. This ensures anglers will never have to worry about lure failure that may cause them to lose the fish of a lifetime.