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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100. Exclusions Apply.

RigStrips Magnetic SunStrip

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Protect your car, bike, fishing rods, firearms and other gear with the all-new magnetic SunStrip™

  • Quick, hassle-free magnetic application and removal
  • Tested in all-weather conditions at highway speeds
  • 9.5in long x 1.5in wide x 1.5in thick

Fishing Rods - Lean your rods into any of the 7 grooves on SunStrip. Ulua rods will snap into the 2 outer grooves only. If a guide gets in the way of the rod fitting fully into the groove, rotate the section 90° either way.

Bikes - Compatible with all round handlebars and road bike handlebars with brakes on the outside. Use SunStrip on a side of your car that has less than a 5° slope.

  • Round handlebars: insert round handlebars into the middle hole.
  • Road bike handlebars: Lean into SunStrip so brake handle fits inside outermost groove

Firearms - Insert the top part of the barrel into any of the 2 outer grooves on SunStrip. SunStrip fits barrels up to 12 gauge diameter. Never lean a loaded firearm into a SunStrip.