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Reef Candy Lures HK Slammer

$ 24.99

The HK Slammers are a hybrid of the Hane Kakeru, a small topwater popper that packs a punch for its size. Quick short sweeps produce a topwater splash as you would on a normal popper. Longer sweeps produce a topwater spray and submerge just below the waterline leaving a nice bubble trail, as well as swimming with a wobble making itself more presentable to reef predators.

The HK Slammer was designed for anglers that want to have the benefit of both whipping and ultralight plugging.

  • 1.25oz (36 to 40g)
  • Molded Resin Body
  • Single 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire
  • Size 5 Split Ring
  • BKK 1/0 Raptor Z Treble Hook
  • Silicone Squid Skirt or Fly Tail (varies by color)