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PowerPro Depth-Hunter Multi-Colored Braid

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Size: 50lb / 333yd

PowerPro’s Depth-Hunter features four repeating 25ft sections — blue, yellow, green and orange — that repeat every 100ft as well as a black tick-mark every 5 feet for accurate and instant depth measurement. This allows you to easily and accurately present your lure in the strike zone.

Depth-Hunter can also help anglers determine depth or casting distance because it casts and performs just like standard PowerPro. It can also benefit anglers during a finicky bite because of its camouflage nature in the water.

Engineered with standard PowerPro technologies, Depth-Hunter will bring your fishing game to the next level.

  • Colors: Segmented blue, yellow, green and orange line
  • Technology: Spectra Fiber
LB Test MM Diameter Comparable Mono Diameter
50lb 0.36mm 12lb