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Okuma Hawaiian Custom Popping Rod

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$ 249.99

The Okuma Hawaiian Custom Popping rods are the latest addition to regional specific rods designed and built by local anglers for the species and territory they are targeting. Utilizing the latest in technology, these rods were built for the extreme conditions put forth by the Hawaiian shore-based angler.

  • ALPS-316 grade stainless steel guide frames
  • Zirconium guide inserts for braided or monofilament lines
  • Specialized TPE foam material on fore and rear grip for durability
  • 3K metal woven material for custom look
  • 8ft 3in Medium 2 Piece
  • Line Rating: 30 to 60lb
  • Lure Rating: 30 to 160g
  • Guides + Tip: 7
  • Weight: 13.5oz
  • 8ft 3in Heavy 2 Piece
  • Line Rating: 50 to 100lb
  • Lure Rating: 90 to 200g
  • Guides + Tip: 7
  • Weight: 14.4oz