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Kakele Fishing - The Booyah! Fly

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Color: ‘Oama-lalū

Kakele Fishing Co. - The Booyah! Fly
Looking to add a big gun to your fly arsenal? 

Introducing the Booyah! fly. Our version of Popovics’ famed bucktail deceiver, redesigned and purpose-built for Hawaiian style whipping.

The Booyah! fly clocks in at over 5 inches, weighs ~2 grams and features a 4/0 Gamakatsu Big Game hook. The bulky silhouette is created with a combination of hand-blended hairs, giving the fly a distinct look and killer swimming action.

Despite the larger profile, this full-bodied streamer casts amazingly well with either lead, a bubble float or your choice of Hammerbomb. Better yet, try pairing the Booyah! fly with a Wigglefin Action disc and troll it behind your kayak. Either way, the Booyah! fly is a must-have for any serious angler looking to round out their fly box.

‘Oama-lalū: What if an ‘oama and halalū had a baby? You’d end up with this fish AF hybrid.

Cotton Candy - A sweet blend of colors patterned after our favorite soft bait of all time.