HammerBombs 0.5 oz Floating Resin Casting Ball

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HammerBombs introduces a new take on the traditional bubble or bobber float.

This 0.5oz (14 Grams) Float features 325# test stainless steel wire that runs through its 1.75" (44mm) Body. HammerBombs dual-swivel design eliminates line twists while providing a fluid retrieve regardless of whether you’re using light or heavy test line and leader. It works great whether your targeting beasts or bait.

HammerBombs Float features the unique HammerBomb shape that casts great even into the wind and produces lively surface splashes when being rapidly retrieved.

Virtually indestructible under normal fishing conditions, the HammerBombs Float can stand up to abuse you wouldn’t dare inflict on a plastic bubble, foam floater or wood bobber.

Each HammerBomb is handmade in Hawaii, USA.

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