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HammerBomb® One-Off Bulk Bundles

Save up to 42% Save 38%
Original price $ 80.00
Original price $ 50.00 - Original price $ 125.00
Original price $ 80.00
Current price $ 50.00
$ 50.00 - $ 75.00
Current price $ 50.00
Style: 1.0oz Weighted (10 Pack)

Straight from the HammerBomb Factory!

One-Offs are HammerBombs that didn't make the cut for retail packaging. They have inperfections from their molds, color errors or they have dimples. While they might not be perfect enough to make it to shelves across the state, they still work just fine and for a limited time you can purchase bundles of 10 One-Offs from HiFishGear!

  • Colors will be randomly assorted or might even be all the same color.
  • One-Off FlashBombs are not covered by the standard 30-Day Warranty